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Farmers: How to deal with record-high electricity bills

Farmers: How to deal with record-high electricity bills

Source: Agriland  https://www.agriland.ie/farming-news/farmers-how-to-deal-with-record-high-electricity-bills/

In the middle of peak milking season, dairy farmers are feeling the brunt of record-high electricity prices. The use of electricity to power milking machines and cool milk is leading to unprecedented bills costing tens of thousands of euros.

What can farmers – especially dairy farmers – do to save on their farm electricity bills when reducing consumption isn’t an option? One solution is to sign up with WeSwitchU – an independent, Irish-owned electricity switching service.

WeSwitchU evaluates your current electricity bills/unit rates and switches you to the best – and cheapest – tariff based on your usage profile.

Save on electricity bills

A dairy farmer with circa 200 cows can save up to €6,500/yr in the current market by switching electricity providers.

WeSwitchU continuously searches for new deals that can further maximise your savings, and promptly switches you to those deals when they become available.

WeSwitchU has saved Irish farmers over €1.5 million on their electricity bills since 2020.

Tailored Advice

The experts at WeSwitchU can provide switch options for all types of meters, including day and night, standard, smart, and commercial meters, and advise whether you are on the correct meter configuration for your usage profile.

WeSwitchU switches you at the end of your yearly supplier contract, making sure you never end up on your supplier’s expensive standard rates.

It doesn’t end there – if a better deal becomes available in the middle of your contract that can save you more money, WeSwitchU will switch you again. See Dairy Farmer A below for more information (image).

Unlike other switching sites, WeSwitchU does not receive commissions from suppliers. This means WeSwitchU acts entirely in the interest of the customer, not the energy provider. The WeSwitchU platform has all tariffs available for selection across all the energy suppliers.  

WeSwitchU’s mission is simple – to save customers time and money on their electricity bills every year.

Start saving now by clicking here.

How it works:

1. Fill in your basic details at weswitchu.ie/farmers;

2. The WeSwitchU team will be in touch to request your latest energy bills and your current meter readings;

3. WeSwitchU will contact you with your usage analysis, switch options and other recommendations (for example, you may be on a brilliant discount already, so WeSwitchU won’t switch you until the end of your existing contract);

4. With your approval, the team will process your first switch;

5. WeSwitchU will switch you as soon as a better deal comes up.


Solar Panels

Another practical way farmers can save money on their electricity bills is by installing solar PV panels.

The initial cost for solar panels and installation is significant, but over time, farmers recoup their investment through reduced electricity bills.

WeSwitchU can provide farmers with up to three quotes from their network of vetted registered installers.

All you need to do is to fill out a simple form by clicking here.

After getting solar panels installed through a partnered WeSwitchU installer, one farmer was able to supply 40% of their milking parlour electricity usage via solar – a huge impact on their bottom line during peak milking season. See Dairy Farmer B above for more information (image).

Saving on your farm (and home) electricity bills is simple with WeSwitchU.

To get started, visit WeSwitchU’s farmer page by clicking here.

You can also reach the WeSwitchU team on; 01 912 5161.