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The benefits of attic insultation

Reduce your home's heating bills

Up to 35% of heat loss in a home occurs through a poorly insulated attic. Attic Insulation will reduce heat loss and in turn your heating bills.

Improve your home's BER

Reducing your homes energy loss & consumption will result in a higher BER, which in turn can result in a higher energy effiiciency rating improving your homes market value.

Prevent pipes and water tanks from freezing

From spray foam to loose-fill fiberglass, the materials used to insulate attics can prevent all pipes and water tanks from freezing.

What's involved?

Attic insulation is generally the most cost effective of any energy efficiency upgrade made to a house, considering the potential cost savings that can be achieved on the monthly heating bills. Even if you have some attic insulation, you should upgrade it it to today's standard of 300mm of rockwool or equivalent.

The optimum solution for your specific case should be discussed with the Contractor.

Grants Available

Attic Insulation €400

Who can apply

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2006 can apply. Homes built from 2006 onwards should have been constructed to the 2003 Building Regulations and should not need significant upgrades. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed.