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Should I get a home charger for my electric car?

How do home chargers work?

  • Charge your EV at home through a home charge point, which can supply your car with 3.6kW to 7.2kW

Why to install an EV home charge point:

  • Quick and convenient
  • Reduce your electricity costs by taking advantage of cheap night rate tariffs
  • Maximize sustainable energy use by using solar to charge your EV

Cost to install an EV charging station at home:  

  • Minus SEAI's grant, most electric vehicle car charger insallations will set you back around €1000

Available Home Charger Grants

You can claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of a home charging point with SEAI Ireland here

Any private owner who buys an eligible EV may apply for this grant. To receive payment, you must ensure that you use a Safe Electric Registered Electrical Contractor. WeSwitchU will only connect you to SAFE contractors to assure your elegibility.

Other eligibility criteria:


  • The EV must be parked on an off-street parking location associated with the home and the charger must be connected back to the home of the applicant (please refer to your electrician for the best installation approach).
  • The Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), which you can find on your electricity bill, will be used to confirm the location of your home.
  • The property cannot be associated with a previous EV home charge point grant payment. Additionally, it cannot have availed of the free ESB Ecars home charger pre 2018.
  • Do not commence any work before the start date on your Letter of Offer otherwise this expenditure will be deemed ineligible and you will not receive grant support for it.
  • You have 6 months from the date on this Letter of Offer, which will be emailed to you, to complete your installation and return your Payment Request Form to SEAI with all associated evidence whole and complete – Cert 3, Test Record, photo of installation, invoice from electrician.