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Solar Panels will generate your electricity for free and reduce your environmental impact.


Benefits of Transitioning to Solar Panels


Reduced Operating Costs

Following rooftop installation, the Solar PV system will help power energy intensive processes on farm, reducing the costs of milk cooling, vacuum pumps and water heating. Combined these three processes account for around 80% of total milk parlour energy consumption.

Financial Assistance through Government Grants

Leveraging all available grant aids, such as TAMS II (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Schemes) and SEAI means the use of solar energy technology is a good financial decision by farms. 

Maintenance free

With a solar system installation you have no mechanically moving parts, this means less breakages and less maintenance. The solar energy system will generate electricity cleanly and quietly.

Protect your business against future price changes

With a solar system installation you have control and are protecting your farm against any future price increases. Your farm will no longer be dependent on external electricity prices and the changes within the market.

Gain Green Business Credentials

Solar Panel Technology means that your farm uses less fossil fuel. You will reduce your farms greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.  Being a sustainable business can be positive for public relations and a good marketing tool for your farm.