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Benefits of Gas Boiler Upgrade

Lower annual fuel bills

New condensing appliances can operate at almost half the cost of a typical 10-15 year old boiler, providing instant fuel savings

Reduce your carbon footprint

With lower annual fuel usage comes reduced CO2 emissions, meaning a smaller carbon footprint for your home

Easy to operate and maintain

Let’s face it no one likes complicated home appliances that require intervention and upkeep


What's involved?

All new gas boilers installed must be a condensing boiler. Condensing boilers are highly efficient thereby using less fuel and having lower operating costs than other gas boilers. The higher efficiency levels are made possible by extracting heat contained in the combustion gases and vapours capturing the energy which would otherwise be wasted to the atmosphere.

Available Grants

Grants of up to €1220 on a new boiler installation

High Efficiency gas boiler with fully integrated heating controls upgrade

  • SEAI grant €700
  • €50 towards BER*
  • Carbon Credit Grant up to €470

*once off grant